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Sulphex I

Sulfur in dissolved form (e.g., from honing stones) tends to accumulate in honing and finishing oils over time, reaching higher concentrations. Once the concentration exceeds a certain threshold, these dissolved sulfur components can cause issues due to deposits on machinery and equipment parts.

The newly developed SULPHEX sulfur separator by F.E.S. is capable of reducing and stabilizing the sulfur content in the main circulation when used in a sidestream application. The process works purely on a physical basis and does not have any chemical impact on the cutting oil being used.

Multiple successful implementations and references have already demonstrated its practicality. If the sulfur content in your oil exceeds 4000 ppm, our new SULPHEX sulfur separator can provide assistance.

Please note that the information provided is a translation, and for accurate details and further assistance, it is recommended to consult F.E.S. directly.